Where every challenge is an opportunity to Shine brighter.

Where every challenge is an opportunity to Shine brighter.

Where every challenge is an opportunity to Shine brighter.

We are a Holding company focused on Marketing, Technology, and Wellness. Our commitment is to continuous innovation. In the universe of Group StarSeed, creativity meets strategy, and dreams converge with reality. Our journey began with a simple yet profound belief – that every brand and project has its unique starlight waiting to be unleashed. From pioneering marketing strategies to cutting-edge technological solutions and holistic well-being initiatives, we ensure each client shines and thrives.

Our Universe Group StarSeed:


Agency StarSeed

Enter the Era of Stellar Marketing to launch your digital product. — The rise of stars in the digital realm.

Born from the vision of one of Portugal's leading launch experts and the innovative spirit of Group StarSeed, Agency StarSeed is more than just a launch agency — it's a constellation of innovative thinkers and digital dream creators. In a digital universe where uniqueness is often overshadowed by the ordinary, we stand out by infusing each strategy with limitless creativity as boundless as the cosmos.


Joana Sá - Escola da Liberdade Digital

Joana's expertise in digital product launches has achieved over 1 million in info product sales and earned recognition and awards from Hotmart, alongside notable features in various media. Escola da Liberdade Digital is more than an educational institution; it's a hub of innovation and excellence in digital marketing and product launches, shaping the future of digital entrepreneurship in Portugal.


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StarSeed Future

Looking ahead, the Group StarSeed is set to continue its journey beyond the known frontiers, always seeking to discover, innovate, and lead. We invite you to be part of this adventure, to share in our vision, and to grow with us. Together, let’s chart a course to extraordinary possibilities and leave a luminous trail in the digital universe.


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